Hasegawa TT43 71543 Nippers For Plastic Models

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Kod produktuhasTT43
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TT43 Plastic Model Nippers [Ultra-thin single blade straight]
Nippers for Plastic Models (Ultra-thin straight single-edged)

Hasegawa's nippers developed exclusively for gate cutting of plastic parts,
By adopting an ultra-thin single blade that is as straight as possible,
By applying the blade to the parts,
Gate cutting is possible as if sharpened with a cutter knife.

It is a "gate cut only" nipper of plastic parts that can easily enter narrow gaps with a blade thickness of "* 1 mm" and boasts good sharpness. The weight distribution of the main body takes into account the "arc movement" of the caulking part that repeatedly grasps and releases the grip, and is finished in a shape that balances the blade and grip so that it can be cut with moderate force. It will be a tool that dramatically improves the efficiency of parts cutting work and brings a sense of stability even when failure is impossible. (* "Blade thickness of 1mm" has slight variation when the blade is attached.)

Stopper to prevent excessive opening and closing
Prevention of excessive opening and closing

For the purpose of cutting straight to the parts without leaving any residue,
Single-edged straight!
Cut without cutting

With cap for safety and security
With a safe and secure cap

This is a nipper for plastic models with a blade thickness of 1 mm developed exclusively for the model industry by a work tool manufacturer that has supported product manufacturing in Japan industrial and major industrial manufacturing industries for many years. Ultra-thin single-bladed blade that is straight from the grip to the cutting edge enables gate cutting like sharpening. Cut the gate straight and without leaving any cuts to the parts. The well-balanced weight distribution makes gate cutting go smoothly. The final finish of the blade is sharpened by craftsmanship. Achieves an ultra-thin blade thickness of 1 mm that can handle delicate situations.

Process until completion
Forging: Heating the material until it is about to melt
Forging molding: For right and left blades are completed.
Processing: Machining, quenching (induction quenching)
Blade attaching: Final cutting work

Product Specifications
Blade thickness: 1.0mm, Material: Carbon steel (S55C original blend), Blade hardness: HRC54~60°
Length: Approx. 125mm, Weight: Approx. 60g, Anti-rust oil applied, Stopper to prevent excessive opening and closing, with cap
(* "Blade thickness of 1mm" has slight variation when the blade is attached.)

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Dodano do katalogu: 8.3.2023
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